UO-REU 2013 Events

Intern Arrival Welcoming

REU scholars meet UO Life Sciences faculty, postdoctoral fellows, and graduate researchers.
Location-weather dependent.

First year UO Graduate student Rotation Talks

Faculty Research Seminar Series

2013 Faculty Research Seminar Series

"Optogenetic analysis of a simple neural circuit in Drosophila"
Dr.Chris Doe, UO Institute of Neuroscience, Doe Lab

"Identifying the genomic basis of rapid adaptation in the wild"
Dr. Bill Cresko, UO Institute of Molecular Biology, Cresko Lab

"Transit-amplifying neural progenitors"
Dr. Omer Ali Bayraktar, UO Institute of Molecular Biology Doe Lab

"Molecular regulators of actin filament dynamics"
Dr. Brad Nolen, UO Institute of Molecular Biology and Dept. of Chemistry, Nolen Lab

"Emerging therapeutic strategies for placental ischemia induced hypertension"
Dr. Jeffrey Gilbert, UO Department of Human Physiology,

"Visual system development in mice"
Dr. Jen Hoy, UO Institute of Neuroscience, Washbourne Lab

"Molecular genetics of Usher syndrome"
Dr. Jen Phillips, UO Institute of Neuroscience, Westerfield Lab

"Microbes and Biochemical Signaling in Zebrafish Development"
Dr. Josh Troll, UO Institute of Molecular Biology,

"Cell fate choices in the skeleton"
Dr. Jamie Nichols, UO Institute of Neuroscience, Kimmel Lab

"Sequence space and the biophysics of protein evolution"
Dr. Mike Harms, UO Institute of Molecular Biology, Harms Lab

"Early events in visual processing: phototransduction"
Dr. Peter O'Day, UO Institute of Neuroscience, O'Day Lab

"Regulation of Eukaryotic Transcription: RNA Polymerase II"
Dr. Diane Hawley, UO Institute of Molecular Biology and Dept. of Chemistry, Hawley Lab

"Mechanism of vertebrate genome evolution"
Dr. Ingo Braasch, UO Institute of Neuroscience, Postlethwait Lab

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Professional Development Workshops

2013 Professional Development Workshops

"How to Have a Great Summer Program Experience"
Peter O'Day, UO SPUR Director

"Diversity in Science Professions"
Carla Gary, UO Vice President for Institutional Equity and Diversity

"On Being a Scientist: Cultures in Science"
Peter O'Day, UO Department of Biology and Institute of Neuroscience

"Graduate and Professional Schools"
UO Graduate Student Panel: Keaton Stagaman, Alida Gerritsen, Paul Cziko, Braedan McCluskey

"Internet Tools in Life Sciences Research"
Brian Westra, UO Science Library

"Research Skills; Scientific Literature"
Peter O'Day,UO Department of Biology and Institute of Neuroscience

"Responsible Conduct of Research"
UO Graduate Student Panel: Roo Vandergrift, Alida Gerritsen, Thom Nelson, Steven McAllister, Ashley Bateman

"Preparing and Developing Professional Scientific Platform Talks"
Alice Barkan, UO Department of Biology and Institute of Molecular Biology

"Topics in Undergraduate Research and Graduate Schools"
Audrey Cramer, UO Center for Multicultural Academic Excellence

"Navigating Careers in Science"
Panel Discussion with UO Faculty, Postdocs, and Students

"Program Evaluation"
Peter O'Day, UO Department of Biology and Institute of Neuroscience

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Cultural, Social, and Scientific Enrichment Activities

crater lake
2013 Cultural, Social, and Scientific Enrichment Activities

Portland Visit to Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI)

"Tide Pools on the Coast of Southwest Oregon"
Jan Hodder, UO Biology, Oregon Institute of Marine Biology (OIMB).

"Mount Mazama"
Crater Lake

"Mckenzie River"
River Rafting

"Oregon City"
Research Station and Skydiving

"Stars and Volcanos"
Newberry Crater and the University of Oregon Pine Mountain Observatory
Daniele McKay, UO Department of Geological Sciences


"Redwoods of California"
Visit to Fern Canyon at Prairie Creek Campgrounds

Visit to Pacific Science Center

"Oakridge (Waldo Lake Day Trip)"

"Bend (South Sister)"

"Dunes of Oregon"
SPUR excursion to Honeyman Park and Cleawox Lake

"Silver Creek Falls"
Hiking Trips to Silver Creek Falls State Park

"SPUR Discussion Panel with Oregon Young Scholars (OYS)"
HEDCO 220, Oregon Young Scholars

"SPUR Speed Mentoring with OYS"
EMU South Lawn/Hamilton Dining Hall

"Summer Academy to Inspire Learning (SAIL) Program"
University of Oregon, SAIL Program

Thurs July 26th, 2012 - "Imaging the functioning human brain"
UO Lewis Center for NeuroImaging

Sat July 28th, 2012 - "Fall Creek Reservoir"
Tubing and Swimming at Fall Creek Reservoir

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Research Discussion Group

2013 Research Discussion Group
(Schedules subject to change)

SPUR scholars discuss their ongoing projects, Location NCU Lounge

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Undergraduate Research Symposium

2013 Undergraduate Research Symposium

Because the UO SPUR Symposium presentations include original, unpublished data from ongoing investigations, we do not release text, recordings or abstracts from the Symposium. Information may be available directly from the research directors.

Dr. Karen Guillemin, UO META Center Director

Keynote Talk
Dr. John Postlethwait
Dr. John Postlethwait,
UO Department of Biology

Keynote Talk
Dr. Bruce Bowerman, Head of UO Department of Biology


Jessica Smith University of Hawaii at Manoa
"Vertical Transmission of Bacterial Endophytes in Cascade-Ruby Gold Corn"
Professor Brendan Bohannan, Institute of Ecology and Evolution
Mentor: Lucas Nebert

John Sisay University of Massachusetts Amherst
"Caenorhabditis remanei vs PA14: Wrinkling beats Phenazine-1-Carboxylic Acid"
Professor Patrick Phillips, Institute of Ecology and Evolution
Mentor: Heather Archer


Justin McKetney San Diego State University
"Connecting dissolved organic carbon in wetlands to carbon gas emission"
Professor Scott Bridgham, Institute of Ecology and Evolution
Professor Janis Weeks, UO Dept of Biology
Mentor: Dr Laurel Pfeiffer-Meister


Melanie Alvarado
University of Alaska Anchorage
"Endogenous And Exogenous DNA Damage Within The Fanconi Anemia DNA Repair Pathway Of Mutant Zebrafish"
Professor John Postlethwait, Institute of Neuroscience
Mentor: Dr Sam Peterson

Dylan Carter University of Nebraska
"Assessing the Specificity of Antibodies Targeting Whirlin A and Whirlin B"
Professor Monte Westerfield, Institute of Neuroscience
Mentor: Dr Sabrina Toro

Caleb Hubbard Southwestern Oklahoma State University
"The role of CRMP in proper synapse formation in Drosophila"
Professor Tory Herman, Institute of Molecular Biology
Mentor: Sarah Casper

Alexander Novak Minnesota State University Moorhead
"Defining interaction interfaces important for the establishment of cell polarity in Drosophila neuroblasts"
Professor Ken Prehoda, Institute of Molecular Biology
Mentor: Jon Mauser


Kelsie Rodriguez California State University Monterey Bay
"Pentamidine Derivatives Decrease Transcription of Pathogenic CTG Repeat Expansions in vitro"
Professor Andy Berglund, Institute of Molecular Biology
Mentor: Ruth Siboni


Savanna Tierney San Diego State University
"Analyzing Protein Localization and Retinal Cell Survival in a Zebrafish Mutant of ush2a the Causitive Gene in Usher Syndrome Type 2A"
Prefessor Monte Westerfield, Institute of Neuroscience
Mentor: Dr Jennifer Phillips


Michelle Valdiviez The University of Texas at El Paso
"Analyzing Cell Division Defects in Temperature-sensitive Embryonic Lethal C. elegans Mutants"
Professor Bruce Bowerman, Institute of Molecular Biology
Mentor: Josh Lowry

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