UO-REU 2014 Events

Intern Arrival Welcoming

2014 Welcoming Reception
UO-REU scholars meet UO Life Sciences faculty, postdoctoral fellows, and graduate researchers.

First year UO Graduate student Rotation Talks

Faculty Research Seminar Series

2014 Faculty Research Seminar Series

"Visual processing in the retina"
Peter O'Day, UO Institute of Neuroscience

"The role of CagA and microbial communities on host epithelial proliferation and disease"
Tiffani Jones, UO META Center for Systems Biology

"Evolution of the craniofacial skeleton"
Jamie Nichols, UO Institute of Neuroscience

"Speech rhythm: what it is and why it matters"
Lisa Redford, UO Department of Linguistics

"“Neural stem cell proliferation and quiescence"
Sen-Lin Lai, UO Institute of Neuroscience, Institute of Molecular Biology

"Motor unit function: The curious case of adult aging"
Brian Dalton, UO Department of Human Physiology

"The synaptic interactions underlying binaural interactions in rat auditory cortex"
Michael Kyweriga, UO Institute of Neuroscience, Department of Psychology

"Tipping the Scales: Zebrafish as a model for translational research"
Jennifer Phillips, UO Institute of Neuroscience

"Understanding Heterochromatin Using the Model Organism Neurospora crassa"
Tish Wiles, UO Institute of Molecular Biology

"The second brain" - development of the zebrafish enteric nervous system"
Julia Ganz, UO Institute of Neuroscience

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Professional Development Workshops

2014 Professional Development Workshops
NCU Lounge - Thursdays
"How to Make the Most of the SPUR Summer Experience"
Peter O'Day, UO SPUR Director

"Diversity in Science Professions"
Carla Gary, UO Vice President for Institutional Equity and Diversity

"On Being a Scientist: Cultures in Science"
Peter O'Day, UO Department of Biology and Institute of Neuroscience

"Graduate and Professional Schools"
UO Graduate Student Panel: Christine O'Connor, Kate Walsh

"Internet Tools in Life Sciences Research"
Brian Westra, UO Science Library room 90

"Research Skills, Scientific Literature"
Peter O'Day,UO Department of Biology and Institute of Neuroscience

"Responsible Conduct of Research"
Peter O'Day,UO Department of Biology and Institute of Neuroscience

"Preparing and Developing Professional Scientific Platform Talks"
Alice Barkan, UO Department of Biology and Institute of Molecular Biology

"Topics in Undergraduate Research and Graduate Schools"
Audrey Cramer, UO Office of Multicultural Academic Support

"Navigating Careers in Science"
Panel Discussion with UO Faculty, Postdocs, and Students

"Program Evaluation"
Peter O'Day, UO Department of Biology and Institute of Neuroscience

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Cultural, Social, and Scientific Enrichment Activities

crater lake
2014 Cultural, Social, and Scientific Enrichment Activities

Portland Visit to Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI)

"Tide Pools on the Coast of Southwest Oregon"
Jan Hodder, UO Biology and Oregon Institute of Marine Biology

Mount Mazama
Crater Lake

Mckenzie River
River Rafting

Oregon City
Research Station and skydiving

"Stars and Volcanos"
Newberry Crater and the University of Oregon Pine Mountain Observatory
Daniele McKay, UO Department of Geological Sciences


"Redwoods of California"
Visit to Fern Canyon at Prairie Creek Campgrounds


Oakridge (Waldo Lake Day trip)

Bend (South Sister)

"Dunes of Oregon"
SPUR excursion to Honeyman Park and Cleawox Lake

"Silver Creek Falls"
Hiking trips to Silver Creek Falls State Park

"SPUR Discussion Panel with Oregon Young Scholars (OYS)"
HEDCO 220, Oregon Young Scholars

"SPUR Speed Mentoring with OYS"
EMU South Lawn/Hamilton Dining Hall

"Summer Academy to Inspire Learning (SAIL) Program"
University of Oregon, SAIL Program

"Imaging the functioning human brain"
UO Lewis Center for NeuroImaging

"Fall Creek Reservoir"
Tubing and Swimming at Fall Creek Reservoir

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Research Discussion Group

2014 Research Discussion Group
Various Locations

UO-REU scholars discuss their ongoing projects, Location NCU Lounge

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Undergraduate Research Symposium

2014 Undergraduate Research Symposium

Because the UO SPUR Symposium presentations include original, unpublished data from ongoing investigations, we do not release text, recordings or abstracts from the Symposium. Information may be available directly from the research directors.

Dr. Karen Guillemin, UO META Center Director

Keynote Talk
Dr. Tory Herman , UO Institute of Molecular Biology


Adriana Alexander Southern Oregon University
"Temperature-Sensitive, Embryonic-Lethal Mutations Affecting Cell Division, Cell Polarity, and Cytokinesis in C. elegans"
Professor Bruce Bowerman, Institute of Molecular Biology, Department of Biology
Mentor: Josh Lowery

Teretha Taylor Albany State University
"Annotation and Evolution of microRNA in Stickleback"
Professor John Postlethwait, Institute of Neuroscience
Mentor: Pete Batzel


Kyle Gonsalves University of Virgin Islands
"Characterizing the Morphological Variation of Skeletal Structures in the Threespine Stickleback Populations of the McKenzie River "
Professor Bill Cresko, Institute of Ecology and Evolution
Mentor: Kristin Alligood


Abby Tami
Florida State University
"Characterizing extant members of the S100 protein family in light of antagonistic allostery evolution"
Professor Mike Harms, Institute of Neuroscience
Mentor:Luke Wheeler

Christian Rivoira Queens College
"Tracing Pigmentation alleles of Anthocyanin Pathway within Mimulus: Independent Mutation or Result of Gene Flow?"
Professor Matt Streisfeld, Institute of Ecology and Evolution
Mentor: Dr Sean Stankowski, Josh Bahr

Michael Kiflezghi Virginia Commonwealth University
"Microfluidics, Diet, and Genetic Networks in C. elegans: Generating Individuality in an Isogenic Population"
Professor Patrick Phillips , Institute of Ecology and Evolution
Mentor: Dr Stephen Banse

Sarah Rader Friends University
"Functionality of “Gating” Amino Acid Mutants at the 769 position on the RPB2 subunit of RNA Polymerase II in Saccharomyces cerevisiae"
Professor Diane Hawley , Institute of Molecular Biology
Mentor: Christian Burns
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