Program Information

Upcoming Program Dates: June 16th, 2019 - August 23th, 2019

Research Areas

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Participating Labs

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UO-REU Activities

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Intern Stipends

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UO-REU Interns receive:


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All applicants should:

PLEASE NOTE: Special consideration is given to qualified students who are also members of a group under-represented in the sciences (e.g., low income and first generation, Native American, African American, Latino, or Pacific Islander) and students with limited access to reseach opportunities.

Application Process

Back to Top The application materials, including basic information, areas of research interest, statements, transcripts, and letters of recommendation are compiled as a packet for each applicant. These are read and evaluated by the administrators, and a short list is made. Each participating faculty member evaluates packets from applicants who have similar research interests; each faculty member then generates a ranked list of preferred candidate applicants. The Director then makes offers of admission to the top candidate(s) on each faculty member's list. Because it often happens that a candidate applicant will be selected by more than one professor, it is helpful for us if you list professors with whom you might want to work. Thus, before each offer of admission is made, a professor and the candidate commit to working together in the summer program. Following acceptance, the potential host professor and the candidate scholar then communicate with one another by email/phone, discussing the summer research possibilities, responsibilities, expectations, etc.

Expectations of Interns

Back to Top We expect that students participate in all parts of the program. Although interns will spend most of their time in the labs, they will also be required to attend seminar series throughout the week. Each Monday morning, UO-REU Fellows attend a Faculty Research Seminar Series presentation on a specific area of life sciences research given by a different UO Professor. Each Thursday morning, UO-REU Fellows attend a Professional Development Workshop Series presentation or a facilities tour. One evening each week all interns discuss their ongoing research with their fellow interns at the Research Discussion Group Series. Once or twice each week, the UO-REU Director meets for lunch in the cafeteria with all the UO-REU students to hear comments, complaints, problems, ideas for improving the program, etc. One or more evenings per week, the UO-REU group gathers with the UO-REU facilitator (a UO undergraduate researcher who participates in UO-REU, living in the dorms with the UO-REU group) to plan weekend activities/excursions. Although the work is intensive, we also expect students to have fun during the summer.